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Giving is a powerful and impactful expression of commitment to growth and sustainability of Tougaloo College. While constituents often think tuition is the true cost of education, the reality is that tuition covers only 50% of the cost associated with providing each student with a four year undergraduate degree.

Each year, the College supplements tuition with gifts from alumni, parents and friends who believe in the nurturing, rigorous living and learning environment for which Tougaloo College has achieved national recognition. Your investment supports scholarships and an array of collegiate activities which ensure that our students are equipped with analytical skills and attributes leaders must possess to compete in a global environment that will transform lives and communities in the spirit of the Eagle Queen.

When you invest in a student at Tougaloo College, you invest in America’s future. Give today.

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There are two easy ways to give to Tougaloo College - Online or by mail.

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We are here to help you with your donation plans. Feel free to call, email, visit, or write the Office of Institutional Advancement:

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